Safentri creates a process for getting together again
Accessible tools that introduce individual accountability while providing data and tools to enterprises. Administered to organizations to create responsible policies and manage liability.
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Manage Customer, Staff, Vendor and Visitor Access with a Single Solution
Manage common and specific resources including policies, procedures, information, surveys, questionnaires and diagnostics.
Access to closed-loop COVID-19 testing and reporting/uploading of results.
Digital Validation
An automated validation process to review, approve or reject a user based on health status and compliance to facility entry requirements.
Awareness Training
On-line education and training courses complete with testing and certification for all access roles.
Receive instant alerts through Push, Text, or Email notification services.
Our comprehensive dashboard tracks over 550 unique data points and provides summary and drill down access in real-time, to track, manage and control risk.
System uses encrypted tokens to manage user roles and all data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
The platform is deployed on AWS using Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration, providing on demand horizontal scaling.
Plug'n Play Ready
Integrate into existing access control systems via web service API's or deploy as a standalone platform that can be launched in days vs. months.
Easy to Use
The process is logical and easy to navigate. The Progressive Web App is universally accessible from any device or OS, requiring no downloads or updates - EVER!
No-Code Platform
Built on a no-code platform allowing instant adaptation to a rapidly evolving business and legal landscape.
HR Integration
Integrates with HR Systems to import company rosters and email/text user login to all eligible employees.
COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire
Our COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire allows businesses and facilities to screen anyone requesting access and to identify if an individual may be at risk for COVID-19. End users may be required to update the status of their questionnaire every time they access a facility and the current state of the questionnaire is recorded for every check-in attempt for every person accessing the facility.
Customize the Check-In Process
Easy to configure and deploy entrance requirements to meet the changing needs of your business as local/state/federal rules and laws evolve.
Secure electronic identification & check-in
Validate testing and diagnostics
Require policies and procedures
Ensure staff & visitor training
Check & record temperature
Log & track all check-in related data
How it Works
Customize the Visitor Check-In Process
Flexible Solutions for Large and Small Businesses
Flexible Solutions for Large and Small Businesses
Easy to Administer
Changes to the system update instantly and automatically across the entire distributed base, so there’s never a versioning issue.
Define a single entity & manage one or multiple locations
Keep track of who is on the premises of a location, who & when they are visiting
Provide the information employees & visitors need to prevent or maintain legal liability
Assign a common set of resources for a Safentri at all of your locations
Build & deploy questionnaires instantly
Who We Benefit
Manage Resources
Create and manage resource requirements for all access roles and levels.
Tests and diagnostics: COVID-19, serology, SARS-CoV-2, molecular
Certifications: HIPAA, CPR, OSHA
Vaccinations: influenza, varicella (Chickenpox), MMR (mumps, measles, rubella), COVID-19(when available)
Policies: social distancing, stadium/venue seating, restroom, elevator, restaurant seating, etc.
Procedures: building access, patient visitation, etc.
Information: return-to work for individuals, social distancing at work, etc.
Manage Resources in a Single Place
Education & Instructional Content
Robust Training Module
Keep employees trained and up-to-date on all compliance procedures and policies
Common library of training courses complete with testing
Business/Entity level custom training course creation
Provide role specific training
Attach custom content including video, power point, pdf, excel, word, etc.
Training Solutions
Access to Education & Instruction Content
Digital Training Solutions
Train your employees on the proper precautions to prevent spread of disease with the ability to create custom training courses. Use these courses as a preliminary requirement for entry of your facilities
Training Solutions
Our partner: Hall Booth Smith, P.C.
A US based national law firm recognized as a leader in Employment Practice, Legal Compliance, Labor Management Relations, Data Privacy, Security, Professional Liability and Insurance law. With an International Business Practice HBS is available to help navigate the evolving COVID-19 regulatory, compliance and legal landscape both in the US and globally.
Security & Privacy
We are working with leading legal experts in federal, state, local laws, rules and regulations.
Data Privacy & Security
Fully Encrypted in transit and at rest
HTTPS encryption (inherently secure for all traffic)
Access Key Management (between users and systems)
Identity Access Management (IAM)
Cloud Integration
Stored in Amazon Cloud Services
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